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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

After years of experience, we’ve noticed that store owners don't all have their windows cleaned at the same frequency. Some have it done weekly, monthly, twice per year while others prefer annual cleaning. Many homeowners have their windows cleaned for "spring cleaning" and then before the holidays in September-November.

"Most stores get their windows cleaned weekly while most locations with more glass go once a month."

We have clients that like to have their whole house or apartment done twice a year, then only a few done monthly.  We have flexible time slots available to make it more convenient for you.  

Do you do screens?

Yes, we take them down, clean them as well as the windows.

How long does it usually take to clean all the windows in my home? 

To clean a house with about 35 windows, it takes about 2 hours to clean the inside and outside of all the windows.

When I call the office, will I speak to someone directly? 

Yes, we have an office in the heart of Huntington Village where you can call to speak with someone Monday through Friday.

Do I have to remove blinds, curtains or move furniture?

No, we will do it for you.

Do the same technicians come to my house every time?

Yes, an owner is on every job site from start to finish.

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